We are a leading company in the market with over 40 years of experience. Certified by IRAM 9001.

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Our company stands out because of the commitment it takes on with each of its projects and the quality that is guaranteed in each of our products. This has allowed us to strongly position ourselves in the national market and reach a sustained presence in the international market.

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Principal Benefits

Energy Saving

Our plates are ideal to take maximum advantage of daylight, which results in significant energy saving.

Temperature Variation

The plates are suitable for extreme weather conditions. They endure low temperatures, without becoming brittle, and up to 80°C without any kind of inconveniences.

Extra Resistance

Our manufacturing process incorporates a protection covering which guarantees, along with the resin, more resistance.

UV Protection

Our translucent plates are manufactured with unsaturated polyester resin additive with ultraviolet rays absorbent.


All our CENTER PLAST laminates are easy to install. We have specialized personnel available for technical counseling during the installation, who take into account each of our clients' needs.

Hail Resistance

PREMIUM line: Being made up of two materials (resin and glass fiber) it possesses more impact resistance as opposed to other laminated plastics, which are usually more flexible, such as polypropylene and polycarbonate.